Nice to meet you, I'm Paul!

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

— Georges Duhamel


Pauleth Ip is a New York City-based photographer, educator, digital technician, lighting technician, and technical consultant. Paul also serves on the board of directors of American Photographic Artists' New York chapter, a not-for-profit industry organization dedicated towards providing business tools and creative inspirations to help photographic artists run smarter, more creative, and more profitable businesses.

Perhaps best known for his commercial and lifestyle editorial work, Paul's portfolio also includes an extensive fine art and travel catalog. Transitioning into the creative field has allowed Paul to combine his love of visual storytelling with areas of expertise acquired from past careers in technology and higher education.

When not photographing client work, developing content for industry publications, consulting for other creatives, or teaching private photography seminars, Paul can be seen photographing personal projects around NYC or traveling the world with his cameras in tow.

Let's Create Together

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